Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sunburnt Cow will be open this weekend

A statement form the Sunburnt Cow folks after Thursday night's drug bust....

The Sunburnt Cow will open this weekend and honor all reservations and specials as usual, including the Endless Brunch. After Sunday, December 18th, we will close and remain so until the police complete their investigation. We plan to reopen in time for our annual New Year’s celebration.

We are working with the authorities to bring about a swift and just resolution to this issue and want to reiterate that we had no prior knowledge of illegal drug activity on our premises. We do not and will not condone, endorse or tolerate such behavior at any of our establishments. During this temporary closure, we invite all of our loyal patrons to visit The Sunburnt Calf, Bondi Road and The Sunburnt Calf Brooklyn to experience the quality and service that has made The Sunburnt Cow a local favorite for the past 10 years.

Heathe St. Clair
Moo Life Group

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