Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still no sign of construction at the David Schwimmer estate

On the afternoon of April 3, the DOB issued a Stop Work Order at 331 E. Sixth St., the future six-floor home of David Schwimmer. (DNAinfo reported that a piece of debris "caromed off a scaffold" and struck a passerby, who EMTs took to Bellevue with a minor arm injury.)

And now, 10 work days later... there's still no sign of the full work crew as of this morning. According to the DOB website, the city lifted the Stop Work Order to allow workers to address the specific problems — "missing guardrails, openings at egress, housekeeping, and interior scaffold no permits."

In recent days, we've spotted two or three workers at the site to take care of these issues.

[Photo last week by Bobby Williams]

The DOB website notes that there are seven open violations/non-compliance issues at the address.

In any event, you can see that the construction site looks more secure.

On April 4. the morning after the city issued the Stop Work Order:


Not that residents miss the construction. Back in January, one neighbor called the work "insanely noisy."


nygrump said...

I wen to ver and took a look at all those certificates, apparently for $500 you can reserve 4-5 street parking spots from Jan - July. I have to wonder how much revenue is lost to this private enterprise. As well, this is a tax on the community with the loss of 5 parking spots 24/7 for months. I also wonder if there any property tax breaks being provided.

Anonymous said...

Urban blight.

glamma said...

Why are you coming here to ruin our neighborhood? Can you please go somewhere elese... Anywhere.. Else.

Anonymous said...

I live in one of the buildlings directly behind the construction. We enjoyed a few mornings of peace but they were definitely back at it this morning... hammering, yelling, whistling... all the joyous sounds I wake up to at 7:30am every day.

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 1:36

Thanks for the update... I went by around the usual starting time and it was all sealed up... Perhaps the DOB gave them the all-clear later this morning.

Anonymous said...

I live next door. They were there today welding steel and laying cinderblock. According to my landlord they are NOT permitted to work yet just make safety (scaffolding) repairs. They are in violation.

Anonymous said...

According to the DOB website the stop work order was lifted several days ago (4/13). That is probably a more authoritative source than your landlord.