Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Max Fish opening a summer outpost on the Asbury Park boardwalk

Paper has the scoop that Max Fish is opening an Asbury Park outpost this weekend. Owner Uli Rimkus said that the bar will be open weekends through Memorial Day, then daily the rest of the summer. Rimkus said that she has made the space to "look like Max Fish but beachy, with blues, greens and clouds." [Via Eater]


Hey19 said...

How weird is this?

glamma said...

very cool!
best of luck to them!

Anonymous said...

Asbury Park has apparently become a queer town. A friend of mine bought a house out there with his partner about five years ago. He says that he doesn't like it as much now because it has become too popular and there's a bit of a scene.

I haven't been there in a long time but I remember that the boardwalk was beautiful and old fashioned, this is going back 15 years when it was still pretty run down.

LvV said...

I grew up close to Asbury Park. I ignore the anti-NJ sentiment often expressed here, because I understand -- I know the element people are talking about when they say B&T (although I find that term classist -- people from Connecticut take bridges and tunnels too, and in my informed opinion the weekend asshole population in the upper EV is clearly NOT tristate, blah blah I digress). But coastal Monmouth County is the business. It doesn't surprise me at all that Max Fish would move there.

If you visit AP, go to the Salvation Army, best in NJ!

Hey19 said...

I spent a lot of summers on the Jersey shore, near AP. Really not judging either AP or MF, love them both, but not at the same time. I havent been there in a while, maybe if its becoming pretty sceney, its a good fit.