Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Neighborhood School library spared for now; Standard East Village chips in $10,000 donation

[Photo by Bill Massey]

A few weeks ago, word spread that The Neighborhood School was in danger of losing its library. (You can read our post on it here.)

There's good news on the situation via The Wall Street Journal, who reports that parents raised funds to save the job of the librarian, Cheryl Wolf, and the library for at least another school year. As Ralph Gardner wrote:

The good news is that the heroic efforts on the part of the P.S. 363 community have underlined the value of librarians in the life of students — it's perhaps even more so today, when children have virtually unlimited computer access to information but need guidance putting it into context. The bad news is that the plight of the school puts into stark context just how dramatically the budget crisis has affected the city's public education system.

Read the whole article here.

The Journal notes that the "Save the Library" campaign was several hundred dollars short of its goal when The Standard East Village put in a $10,000 contribution. (We'll have more later on the other local businesses who were very supportive.)

Meanwhile, the fund shortage continues in other areas of the school... which you can read about at the school's website.

But for now... parents are savoring the moment...


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Standard making moves to be a "good neighbor" as promised....hope they keep it up.

- East Villager

Jeremiah Moss said...

good news for the school.

of course, any multi-million dollar company that makes a tax-deductible donation has to be looked at for what it gains from doing so. it's easy to create goodwill with money when you have tons of it.

we will see if the Standard is creating real goodwill in the neighborhood this summer when the screaming crowds flock to their outdoor spaces. the neighbors will let us know.

glamma said...

well played, Balazs.
let's hope this sets the bar for others who enter our troubled neighborhood in such a similiarly fortunate position.
those who come here and make tons of money off our aesthetic/vibe/culture/history should at the very least be well prepared to give back to those who have been robbed blind by the same system that makes it so easy for them to profit so egregiously. and yes, ESPECIALLY when it is tax-deductible to do so.

very glad the school has a reason for some cheer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeremiah. The owners are very slick. We EV'ers can't be so easily duped. It was nice of 'em, but they can't "buy off" the residents who live near their new acquisition. I guess they are hoping to impress the community board when they try to change the stipulations that were set in the liquor license.
Nice Try Standard....

Anonymous said...

Betta than donating to cakeshop

Anonymous said...

Wow... the whiners keep whining. A $10k tax write off is a joke. This contribution is a step in the right direction for this neighborhood. The least you whiners could do is recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Straight out of the P.R. handbook. They could have given the money anonymously.
I don't see the commenters/EV residents as whiners; just cautious, twice bitten folks.