Friday, May 11, 2012

Neighbors rallying to oppose new hotel on East Fourth Street

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Residents and and various preservationists are rallying to oppose plans for a nine-story hotel next door to the landmarked Merchant's House on East Fourth Street.

Plans call for demolishing the one-level garage/repair shop adjacent to the circa 1832 Merchant's House.

Per the petition:

The proposed building, at 9 stories tall (twice the height of the Museum) and without any setbacks, would overwhelm and detract from the special architectural and historic character of the Merchant’s House Museum. Its excessive size and bulk is not respectful of the historical context of the Museum and does not relate to its small scale.

We also request that the strictest of construction standards be applied to any proposed building on this site so that the structural integrity of the Merchant’s House is not in any way compromised. Given the antiquity of the Merchant’s House and the extreme narrowness of the lot at 27 East 4th Street, this is critical.

Find the petition here.

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation laid out the next steps here. The applicant is presenting their proposal for a second time at CB2's meeting on Monday at 6:30 p.m. (at the Our Lady of Pompei Church, 25 Carmine St., Father Demo Hall).

BoweryBoogie wrote about the planned hotel here.

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