Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next time, the rat may be driving the car

A reader comment on our post about rats in Tompkins Square Park from yesterday:

We just discovered a new twist to the EV rat problem — we were driving our car (which we park on the street) to pennsyvlania, when the engine light went on. When we got there, my husband popped the hood only to see a rat disappear into the engine! The mechanic called it a "mickey mouse" job and says it happens all the time in manhattan — the rat chewed 1200 fucking dollars worth of damage to the wiring!

For more on this topic:
Under the Hood, a Cozy Rat Retreat
The New York Times
December 2003

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Anonymous said...

"You dirty rat"..quote from a gangster movie..there are rats everywhere..even with traps..the rats continue..this is nothing new. To get rid of rats would take about getting rid of maybe 7 million things that are wrong with this city..where do we begin??

Anonymous said...

rats! rats! rats!

Big Brother said...

Is that Lady Gaga's car?

Anonymous said...

rats have a lot of street cred in my opinion