Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open call for Art Around the Park

As we noted yesterday, the Howl! Festival is June 1-3 in Tompkins Square Park. ~ Joan sent along the photo of the poster for Art Around the Park on June 2-3. Check the Howl! website here for more details.


Anonymous said...

They have a nerve to use the word occupy!

faces said...

@anon 5:27pm

why? everyone else has. the overuse of "occupy " has made the phrase virtually meaningless.

Cookiepuss said...

Right, as in Occupy East 4th Street...meaningless.

I know what you mean. Occupy can be co opted for anything at this point, like you could say occupy your mother but it doesn't really mean anything.

The fact that landlords and real estate developers own and operate this town and that the organizers of the HOWL Festival not only back them, but also shove it in your face, is in no way benign. Their indebtedness to the demise if this neighborhood is undeniable.

For them to even suggest that they in any way stand for anything even remotely similar to the Occupy Movement is just another joke on a fading working class neighborhood. It's similar to the joke that Blue & Cream played on us with their photography exhibit.

You understand that the HOWL Festival at this point, is as antithetical to anything that Allen Ginsberg stood for. It has become a censored event for children of all ages.