Monday, May 14, 2012

Report: Officers now patrolling 9th Precinct locker room

A few weeks ago, the Post reported that someone has stolen four 9mm handguns, two bulletproof vests and other items from a locker room at the Ninth Precinct in recent months.

Today, the Post says that department officials have "assigned an around-the-clock security detail" to the locker room, which is inaccessible to anyone walking in the station's East Fifth Street entrance.

Per the Post: "The city is worried about keeping crime down on the streets, but they can't even control it in their own precincts," one source fumed.


Anonymous said...

How can we possibly trust these people after hearing this?

Anonymous said...

makes me worried. sure.

Jeff said...

The breathless report made it on to the local Fox news last night. "The 9th precinct has an enemy within!"

Anonymous said...

Having operated a business in the East Village for many years, i'm not surprised at this happening. The police force in this city are a bunch of clowns.