Saturday, May 12, 2012

Street fair! Street fair! Street fair! (plus, Bouncy Castle!)

Woo! Street fair season is heating up ...

And look — two butterflies on the M15 sign. (And what does that mean when two butterflies land on an M15 street fair notice? You won't catch a cold all summer?)

Just before 9, workers were setting up starting at East 14th Street, heading down south to Cape May County maybe Fifth Street. Or Sixth? I didn't walk down to see.

There are balloon arrangements...

...and the usual variety of food stands...

... and entertainment...

Bouncy castle! Bouncy castle!


Marty Wombacher said...

Tube socks for sale!

Lisa said...

My least favorite summer phenomena, in ascending order:

> stringy melted chewing gum on sidewalks
> roller-bladers on bike paths
> coconut-scented grooming products
> aggressive car stereos
> mosquito bites
> black outs
> stifling humidity
> shark attacks
> street fairs

Anonymous said...

Street fairs in NYC: I love the idea, but not the execution. It's mostly poorly made junk for sale. The food is cheap, but also often of questionable quality (and one wonders about hygiene as with all "street food").

The positive: when there is live entertainment! A stage set up with different performances throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Lisa -

Agree with your list. Although I would add:
- short pants
- wife-beaters
- air conditioning
- the increased heat caused by air conditioning

On the positive side, most of the students are gone.

The best part about summer: long long days....

Anonymous said...

Bouncy castle for KIDS? BULLSHIT! That's discrimination.

DrGecko said...

What do you mean the "usual variety of food stands"? You can safely delete "variety of," don't you think?

Anonymous said...

i HATE mosquitos!!!