Friday, November 2, 2012

And now, the line for gas

Even before the power returned late this afternoon, cars convened at the Mobil station on Avenue C at East Houston.

EVG reader Krikor Daglian took the following photos.

Per Krikor:

Cars started lining up at the newly-powered Mobil on Avenue C and 2nd, despite the fact that the owners weren't there and the place was closed. Police came by and told everyone to leave. Just walked by again and it looks like the owners have arrived but the police are still blocking it off. Not sure what will happen next. People are pretty antsy to get gas. The traffic is horrendous.

Meanwhile, this gas station is set to close next month and become a new development of some sort.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing reminded me of how there are so few gas stations in Manhattan now. They keep disappearing.

VH McKenzie said...

I have colleagues who drive into the city from Jersey, Westchester and Connecticut. Gas supplies are so low, several are now considering just leaving their cars in Manhattan because they fear not having enough gas to make it home.

One had even siphoned gas out of his lawn mower in order to fuel his car's drive into the city, figuring he'd fill up here.

Time to expand light rail into the burbs........