Saturday, November 17, 2012

And the Twinkies shortage begins on Avenue A

Given the closure of Hostess yesterday... Twinkies are hard to find, based on looking at one single shop ... Shawn Chittle checked in here at Poppy's on Avenue A and East 12th Street. All gone! But hurry — the Hostess Cup Cakes are still there... But for how long?


BT said...

Places that never carried Hostess:

Food Emporium (union square)
Walgreens (union square)
Duane Reade
K-mart (Astor Place)

None to be found there.

BT said...

Poppy's Inventory (Sunday afternoon) is down to the orange cupcakes only. The "regular" chocolate ones are gone. :(

Makeout said...

WTT- Sixer of 4 Loco for Twinkies. See ya' on Craigslist!