Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Outside Elsewhere Espresso on East Sixth St. via a special EVG correspondent]

13 new hotels on the way for the Lower East Side (The Lo-Down)

Selling off Lucky Cheng's — and dibs on the tiki canoe! (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Cleaning out SoHo Billiards on East Houston (BoweryBoogie)

The 'gentle poet' of the Lower East Side slums (Ephemeral New York)

A week in the life of the Northern Spy owner post-Sandy (The Huffington Post)

Looking at a boarded up South Street Seaport (The Gog Log)

Last call for Hogs N' Heifers? (Eater)

A review of Calliope begins: 'The southern blocks of the East Village aren't the dreamiest destination for leisurely dining (see: NYU pubs) ... (The Wall Street Journal)


Anonymous said...

Ah, now I get why coffee doesn't make me that happy-- I'm just not drinking enough. I'm nowhere near the asymptote.

James C. Taylor said...

Ate at Calliope on a whim back in August. Good beer and a nice panisse.

glamma said...

Also - RIP to the pool hall. Hadn't heard about that. That sucks!!
End of an era, for sure.

King Lear's Jester said...

In the East Village, beer, liquor, ramen, or cupcake equals happiness! woooooooooo!

The Human Computer said...

So the happier I become, the more coffee I'll have next to my coffeemaker?

I'm not so sure about that relation; I've been out of coffee at some of my happiest moments.

I bet they're not actually using math and it's just "marketing".