Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Friday flashback: Vikings continued to make ancestors proud during pub crawl

On Fridays this fall, and probably winter and spring and... we'll post one of the 12,000-plus EVG, uh, posts from yesteryear, like this one, from Nov. 20, 2009...


Thanks to OthelloNYC for providing the above photo on Avenue A from last Saturday's Viking pub crawl in the neighborhood. As Othello wrote, "You forgot about chanting 'Flight of the Valkyries,' and ending up being in an outdoor police lineup, and fun times like this."


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The viking age: "They were grabbing people off the sidewalk and pulling them into their revelry of yo-ho! and woo-hoo!"


Anonymous said...

thank God for these idiots. Their money will keep this neighborhood afloat.

Loco Weed Larry said...

We can only pray that the Mexican drug cartels come to the EV bringing with them a huge influx of cash. Our neighborhood will be truly afloat then.

Fipper said...

That pic is hilarious! I can't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Tho those who would like to have more bars and nightlife spots, which are better than an empty storefronts, this one's for you.