Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Forum Friday for small businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Will let businesses on Avenue C know if they haven't heard already about the Friday meeting.

By the way, right now there is a loud repetitive banging sound going on here near Avenue B. I'm assuming this is coming from the Con Ed substation that blew up during Sandy, because there was one other time a few years ago I heard this same loud banging sound, and when I went over in that direction to investigate, someone (ConEd, cop or a firefighter...can't remember) told me that the sound had something to do with the ConEd substation.

I really hope our power does not go out again.

Anonymous said...

Turns out loud banging noise is coming from the construction sight on Ave B & 12th. They are sinking some pylons or something into the ground today. Sounds very similar to when something is going wrong at the ConEd substation.