Friday, November 9, 2012

Frustrated tenants meeting tomorrow at Knickerbocker Village

We've been following the developments of Knickerbocker Village, the 12-building affordable housing complex on the Lower East Side, via updates at The Lo-Down. The complex has mostly without power and heat in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Per The Lo-Down this morning:

The complex, which spans two city blocks on Monroe Street between Catherine and Market, includes around 700 tenants over the age of 60. There are a couple dozen home-bound seniors who require daily attention. On Tuesday, a 105-year old woman died after her oxygen machine malfunctioned. The woman, who did not live at Knickerbocker Village but was staying with her son, could not call for help because there was no phone service. Her son had stepped away from the apartment briefly to care for other family members.

A frustrated resident forwarded us the following note and meeting announcement to help spread the word about the situation here.

We are speechless with the non-management support with this no electricity and heat for 12 days. There must be a way to pump the water out in better speed and amount — and also equipment replacement. Did they not have a back-up plan for this amount of residents?

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glamma said...

omg my heart goes out to all those elderly residents!!!
Hello Mayor wake up, your people are in danger...
You don't even want to know what i REALLY Think.