Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Funding Alphabet City Rescue Mission

From the EV Grieve Facebook page... East Village resident Jenny Adams started this fundraising project...

We need some help down here. Our little section of Manhattan — affectionately known as Alphabet City - was completely flooded when the East River broke its banks during Hurricane Sandy.

This area has a lot of heart, and it's also got a lot of housing projects, lower income families and people who were struggling to make do before this storm.

I've been talking to neighbors and friends on our street, where most of the buildings took on 10 to 15 feet of water in the basements. Besides being weeks away from restoring running water, power and heat in a lot of them, the housing projects are in dire need of assistance.

As of this morning, Adams has raised $6,400 of her $10,000 goal. She also updates the site with her latest relief efforts...

We dropped off dozens of blankets and jackets and socks. 50 hats, 50 scarves and 50 mittens. 50 Power bars, Clorox bleach, rubber gloves and can openers.
AND! We somehow managed to find 12 packages of D Batteries!

(If you live in Lower Manhattan right now, you know that finding a store with a D Battery is the equivalent of finding Narnia ... in your shoe.)

Today, we spent roughly $900 for people in need. Oh, and we gave Diane at K-Mart a $200 gift card to give to her sister in New Jersey. Her sister lost everything in the storm, but we are working to make it better.

Find the fund-raising page and more information here.


Anonymous said...

This is great to know about. thanks.

any news on time warner cable outage? they keep telling me they can not provide an estimated time it will be fixed.

Anonymous said...

It's not that hard to find D batteries...It's pretty normal around here except for the heat issues, etc.

How do we know where all that money is being used?