Thursday, November 1, 2012

No reservations

East 10th Street near First Avenue. Photo via ‏@stevemotts


Anonymous said...

I find the way New Yorkers have come together over the past few days incredibly heartwarming. Looks like the EV community has come together pretty nicely in the wake of this recent disaster.

Not to stir the pot but.... Where are the snooty comments by local EVers about the bougie yuppie transplants and their capitalist iPhones? Too soon?


Anonymous said...

TM, as someone who's lived in the EV for over 35 years, the area's changed, the trust fund hipsters don't contribute much to the culture of the area, that's where the "snooty comments" come from.
Cell phone cameras are their m.o., if you had a business you'd understand.


Anonymous said...

RS, I had a business. Certain CB3 reactionaries (SS) didn't like it. I'm not here to complain about that though. That business was flawed for many reasons. (Although I kind of think EV Grievers would welcome the junky we had as a partner, a total throwback to the 80s!)

I just think prejudice wears many hats. And I think labeling people based on their clothes, cellphones, or their presumed bank accounts isn't a great way to make a case. Especially when the prejudice of the EV I grew up hearing was one of homelessness, needles and crime.

Neighborhoods will change. In the 80s Harlem started at 86th St. Now with the 2nd renaissance (read: gentrification) it is experiencing, the neighborhood has been revitalized up to 125th. I welcome change. But I'm a Darwinist.

Frankly, bars like Louis 649 and PDT, or a venue like the UCB Theater are the kind of 'culture-less' establishments that want to do business in the neighborhood. I'd take them (and their 'hipster' clientele) over the needle and the damage done any day. But I know that on this site, I'm pretty much alone in that.