Friday, November 2, 2012

NEVER MIND Report: Con Ed says power back on to all of Manhattan by the end of today

Per Bloomberg News this a.m.:

Manhattan, slowed by power outages, flooded subways and closed markets since Sandy struck Oct. 29, should have electricity fully restored by the end of today, Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED) spokesman Robert McGee said.


Bloomberg has a follow-up story saying:

Mike Clendenin, a spokesman for the New York-based utility, corrected another company spokesman who told Bloomberg Radio this morning that all of Manhattan would be restored today.


~evilsugar25 said...


Anonymous said...

ConEd has corrected that prediction. The goal is that all of Manhattan (with the exception of buildings with damaged equipment) be on the grid by tomorrow, Saturday.

- East Villager (writing from Harlem)

Anonymous said...

Apparently all of Manhattan will be restored tonight with the exception of "two networks" that will take longer. Anyone know if the E.V. is on one of those two networks? I can't find the info on any site including ConEd. Thanks for any info if you've got it.

Anonymous said...

ConEd is to NYC as TEPCO is to Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

Some folks who got that "by 11pm Saturday" yesterday are now getting calls that their electricity is back now! (Chelsea). hopefully EV gets ours back today, too!

Anonymous said...


As someone that lived through the Tohoku earthquake (and the subsequent radiation fears), that is a ridiculous comparison.

Pumpkin Patch said...

The Robocalls were sent to Chelsea residents in error.