Friday, November 16, 2012

Report: Percy's Tavern owner robbed at gunpoint

Larry Watson, an East Village resident and the owner of Percy's Tavern on Avenue A and and East 13th Street, was robbed at gunpoint last Monday night.

According to an article in this week's issue of Town & Village, Watson had just returned from a food-and-clothing drive in the Rockaways. While walking into his building on A and East 12th Street, a car pulled up ... and two men approached him. One man reportedly pointed a gun at his stomach while the second man took his iPhone, $120 in cash and his keys.

Watson admitted to executive editor Sabina Mollot that he had let his guard down for a moment ... exhausted after a day of unloading truckloads of donated supplies in the Rockaways.

According to the article, which hasn't been posted online, Watson "hoped his story could serve as a warning to neighbors in the East Village and Stuy Town. Like most others — even those guilty of doing it — he complained that people are too busy playing with their cell phones to pay attention to their surroundings."

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Thanks to Crazy Eddie for the clip.


Anonymous said...

That's scary. I hope a local security camera caught the license plate.

glamma said...

Damn that sucks!! My sympathy to him, he seems like a really good guy.

i.rene said...

:( I'm relatively new to this area. The day after the hurricane, I walked by Percy's and saw him unloading generators, which he later let locals use to charge his phones. I thought that was incredibly gracious.

I hope the crooks get served justice and/or karma!

Anonymous said...

I've seen some real shady characters around the neighborhood late night and heard a girl screaming after what I assume was her being robbed at the corner of 12th and B. The cops need to step it up around here.

Anonymous said...

Percy's is a great editon to the neighborhood it good to have a family run local!!