Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report: Power still out at 26-story Haven Plaza on Avenue C

[This morning at Haven Plaza by Dave on 7th]

Haven Plaza on East 12th Street at Avenue C is one of the many area buildings that is still without electricity or heat in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

As the Post reported today:

Water pressure in the building goes up only a few floors, elevators are disabled and residents are forced to trudge up and down the stairs for necessities.

“My daughter goes up and down 14 floors, five times a day, to bring me food and water,” said Iris Bido, 71.

Meanwhile, on the Lower East Side, the power is still out at Knickerbocker Village. The Lo-Down reported this morning that partial power has been restored at four of the 12 buildings in the affordable housing complex on Monroe Street.

And there's no end to the crisis here. There is still up to 25 feet of water in the mechanical and boiler rooms on the west side of Knickerbocker, The Lo-Down noted.


Kurt said...

So where are all the smart ass commenters making fun of people buying water before the storm?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, sorry if its a dumb question but:
Why can't you drink the water?

(I drank my water during the blackout after Hurricane Sandy.)

Anonymous said...

Upper floors cannot get water...water pressure only allows for up to the third floor or so, anything higher requires pumps, therefore electricity.

Anonymous said...

The argument against people buying bottled water was that the people could've put the tap water, before the storm, in bottles or other house hold containers. In this day and age in the EV and NYC, it's all about spend, spend, spend. Doesn't have to be smart-ass to use common sense.

Anonymous said...

To be fair there were some arguments that water service couldn't possibly be disrupted.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. This is serious crisis time now. I live on the 10th floor and made 4-5 trips out/day during our Mon-fri blackout and it was exhausting even for a fairly fit 30-something. It made getting by feel like a full time job. My heart aches for these ppl, even if I didn't particularly like them before. Alphabet City has changed forever. It's a flood zone now. Infrastructure changes need to be made on all levels. Will they be made before disaster comes again?

Anonymous said...

general water service to the city was never disrupted, and the water supplied by the city has never been tainted. That was why it was stupid to buy water.

Places like the Knickerbocker don't have tainted water -- they have no water, because the pumps don't work.

Dave on 7th said...

@anon 5:51 "even if I didn't particularly like them before." wow! Really? Because they did or are what to you? That's a lot of people to not particularly like. But, I guess they have something in common to you. I wonder if you could enlighten us to what that is?

Anonymous said...

I understood the fact that city water service was safe, and no one had to buy water, but some were laughing at even putting tap water aside for use and seemed to not to believe that no power = no water for many. Given, those who are still without would not have a supply at this point.

Kurt said...

Here are some of the choice post's from last week

I saw hundreds of people on separate lines at Key Food, many buying more than they'd consume normally in a week. One lady had three 2½ gallon water jugs -- does she really think that a bunch of wind and rain will interfere with the water supply? And how much can she drink in the few hours that the storm will last?

It looks like the storm is impacting people for more than a few hours.

Psst...there's free water right out of your faucet.

Not for everyone

Too funny. Is the water system going to somehow be shut down?

For some, yes.

Marty Wombacher said...

I'm the one who who commented, "Psst...there's free water right out of your faucet" and I stand by it. Do you really want to make several trips to the store, spend money on water and haul bottles home when you could fill up large containers with tap water before the hurricane hits?

Anonymous said...

Give me a break Dave on 7th, I was just being candid. Yeah ok, I am prejudiced, ok I judge people as groups sometimes, and yeah I generalize. I don't like what goes on in that area, I don't like what I perceive as their values etc. It's just my frank opinion, quit riding me for it.

Dave on 7th said...

Wow. I had no idea Mitt Romney lived in our neighborhood. At least you're appropriately defensive. And, no, I won't give you a break. You have no idea who the people are who live in Haven Plaza, most of whom get up every morning and go off to work at low wage jobs to service your lazy ass. The sad part is that if you were laying bleeding in the street their "values" would lead them to help you, while I have no doubt your "values" would tell you to keep walking.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to me that people express opinions, but then get annoyed when others call them out, thus expressing other opinions. Somehow opinions on their opinions are invalid.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:13
If you don't like "them" or "their" values, why did you move into "their" neighborhood.