Monday, November 5, 2012

Resources to help NYC’s businesses recover from Hurricane Sandy

You can find all the details at Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's website here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting this. Will pass this info along to businesses on/near Avenue C.

Gojira said...

An observation - many of us on this site, myself included, take great pleasure in disparaging the self-absorbed young people who flood this neighborhood to drink and "woo!" However, this past weekend I saw countless young people wearing "Volunteer" stickers either helping out wherever they were sent, wandering around looking for someplace where they could be useful, or simply pitching in where they saw the need. A friend had his basement art studio on 10th and C flooded out; on Saturday, a group of college students who had been turned away by GOLES because they had too many volunteers and not enough projects came by, saw us dragging out bags of ruined goods to the street, asked "Can we help?", and when answered in the affirmative, waded in enthusiastically and worked for hours to help clear the sodden, already-molding space. While I am perfectly comfortable with maligning the clueless hordes, I also think it important to take a moment to acknowledge the ones who were so willing to step up to the plate in a time of need and assist any way they could. A grateful "thank you" to them all from this cranky old East Villager.