Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanks to C-Squat

[Dave on 7th]

There are a lot of people to thank for their efforts following Hurricane Sandy... Many residents who I've talked with were particularly grateful of C-Squat residents.

You may have seen the free food and BBQ going all week outside the building at 155 Avenue C. Per Dave on 7th: "C-Squat feed more people [in the East Village] than the city did." The first sign of any kind of coordinated relief via the National Guard arrived Thursday evening to East 10th Street and Avenue D.

In addition, 155 Avenue C is home to MoRUS, where Time's Up! charged cell phones and other items with the stationary bike-powered generator.


Goggla said...

Thanks to C-Squat and everyone who helped out. This is what makes a neighborhood - you're awesome.

Kurt said...

Commodities Natural Markets gave away all there perishables on Tuesday night and Rai Rai Ken gave away ramen on Wednesday and Thursday and I saw Sapporo giving away chicken curry and rice on Thursday. I'm sure lots of other local businesses were giving away food as well. Great to see that these aren't just businesses but good neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by the sustainable store on Avenue A. The one with all of the solar powered stuff, and they weren't giving away anything for free. They were charging full price for hand crank radios and flash lights in this state of emergency. At first i thought they were for free. Not so.

blue glass said...

veselka had soup and sandwiches at greatly reduced prices friday.
hot and delicious and cheap.

by thursday lots of local stores had batteries. many were charging $2.50 to $3.00 EACH for "C" or "D" batteries.
i don't know how much they were before the storm.

verizon on 13th street and 2nd avenue was charge-it central and had a tv, land lines and two computers. it was busy, warm and friendly.

glamma said...

WAY TO GO C-SQUAT, show em how it's done!
The people are speaking. The people are taking their moment.