Sunday, November 4, 2012

This morning

I took a long walk this morning. It seemed like a holiday weekend Sunday morning. Not many people around. Some businesses not open.

Tompkins Square Park reopened yesterday. There was some damage, but not as extensive as after Hurricane Irene. The Tompkins Square Park Green Market is up and running on Avenue A.

From the outside, it almost looks like business as usual anywhere west of Avenue B. Of course, some restaurants lost all their produce during the blackout. For instance, there's a sign on Prune on East First Street saying as much. They hope to reopen tomorrow night.

The line for the BP station on Second Avenue at East First Street stretches north to St. Mark's Place. But it seems to be moving quickly. The NYPD is directing traffic there. A cab driver near the front of the line said that he had been waiting a little more than an hour. (It was not apparently as orderly yesterday, per some reader photos. Will post those later.)

Around 9:30, the NYPD stood watch as the gas arrived at the Mobil station on East Houston at Avenue C. (Photo above). The cars waiting extended east to Avenue D and north on D past East Third Street.

You can start smelling the moldy air around East Sixth Street between D and midway between B and C. This is where you see the most visible damage. Piles of wet, ruined furniture and clothes from flooded apartments and basement. Some of the hard-hit businesses include Zum Schneider, Associated, Arcane and The Yankee Deli, to name just a few.

Meanwhile, I'll pass along any relevant information via the EVG Twitter account or Facebook page. My Internet access is still out. Not a big deal. I could easily go somewhere with WiFi, but I need to be at home to manage a few storm-related items. I'll likely post again later today.

Anyway, it's a really beautiful fall day out.


Marty Wombacher said...

Thanks for all your posts and reporting, EV Grieve, you've worked hard and done a great job here and on Twitter. So glad to hear it's a beautiful fall day there, you and everyone else in NYC and beyond deserve it and so much more. My thoughts are with all of you.

Dina said...

Hola, We have light and no heat at est 10 and d-c no one seams to know how to find out, there is beautiful music playing in the Dry Dock playground and looks like they are giving out.....
Will be going to La Sirena, suffered great financial loss being closed during our bigest holiday, Dia de los Muertos. Come by , say hi and visit a piece of Mexico en NYC !!, 27 E. 3 Street ! lights are on, no phone.
Giving out organic, chile mango pops to customers.
Have a great day and thank you for the blog. do not know how to tweet, maty open an account tonight.

Goggla said...

Glad you're ok, Grieve. After the survival mode wore off yesterday, I took a walk around as well and got really depressed. Seeing so many people who'd lost everything and many more who have a long way to go before recovery was sobering. Happy that so many people are volunteering, though. Thanks for keeping us together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too, at 1st Ave & 1st St. Whenever I managed to get online this week (uptown), yours was the first place I looked for info & photos. Thanks for keeping the community connected.

Anonymous said...

I'll get on the thanks wagon too. Up in Stye town, somewhere on night three I discovered that if I held my phone to a certain spot by a certain window I might get a faint 3G signal for literally just a few seconds per every twenty minutes of signal searching. That night by some miracle I managed to download three webpages, one of them was EVG. Reading these pages from my apt was a big morale boost.