Friday, November 16, 2012

Wall progress at East Side Community School

In the aftermath of Sandy, we hadn't checked in on the progress at the building that houses East Side Community School and Girls Prep Charter on East 12th Street ... as you know, students and faculty evacuated the building when a maintenance worker found part of the eastern wall separating from the rest of the structure.

Crews immediately moved in to tear down and rebuild the wall... the last estimate via NY1 put the return date at late February — at the earliest...

Bobby Williams passed along this photo from yesterday afternoon...

According to Deputy Schools Chancellor Kathleen Grimm in a letter (PDF) dated Oct. 15:

"The current plan is to build a new steel and masonry wall from inside of the east side of the building. This will allow the school to be reoccupied while we continue to work on a new brick facade to be completed after school hours and on weekends... while work continues on the new interior wall on the east side of the building, we will take that opportunity to secure the entire west wall as well."


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