Monday, December 3, 2012

More details on Pride & Joy BBQ at the former Lucky Cheng's

Last Thursday, we noted that the first NYC outpost for renowed BBQ chef Myron Mixon was set to open at the former Lucky Cheng's space on First Avenue. (Read that post here.)

The group goes before the CB3/SLA licensing committee next Monday. And Pride & Joy officials have filed the necessary paperwork with CB3 (PDF), which provides a few more details on the venture (all just proposed):

• Hours: 11 a.m — 4 a.m. seven days a week
• 45 tables seating some 220 people
• 3 total bars in the space (one in the basement, one on First Avenue entrance and one in the East Second Street entrance where Bento Burger was)
• Approximately 30 employees
• Approximately 20 TV monitors

[Pride & Joy photo via Eater Miami]


Anonymous said...

20 tvs! WTF with the TV's everywhere!!!

vzabuser said...

Considering it used to be Lucky Chengs, they may be
TV's (Transvestites)

esquared™ said...

Hours: 11 a.m — 4 a.m. seven days a week

3 total bars in the space

Approximately 20 TV monitors

East Village is the new new Times Square.


Anonymous said...

I was looking fwd to a good BBQ option in the hood, but that open to 4am/three bars is kind of a buzz-kill. Its another weekend party joint, that's BBQ themed. (why do people have to be so greedy?)

Anonymous said...

you lost me at TVs... i dont understand business plans based on a sunday football rush.

T-102 said...

If you judge what's coming by their Miami venture, this will be an overpriced eatery with inconsistent BBQ and a large a la carte menu with some real losers.

Eat at your own risk, this sodium laden "Southern Food" may not agree with your constitution.

Anonymous said...

Wow, T-102, considering you've posted something negative about Pride and Joy on every single blog/food site, it seems like you have some sort of personal vendetta against this place and clearly nothing better to do :(

Anonymous said...

There will definitely NOT be 20 TVs at this location. So far there are plans to have about 4 or less (no set number yet) in the 2nd Street bar area for special events.