Monday, December 3, 2012

Hope fades for a tidy tree house living room

Time to check in again on the tree house living room over here on First Avenue near East 14th Street ... An Urban Etiquette Sign recently appeared asking people to be respectful of the space and not leave trash around.


But the sign hasn't been effective.

And now? It's just getting uglier.

And someone even brought Bushwick into it!

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Despite Urban Etiquette Sign, trash still piles up in tree house living room


VH McKenzie said...

I don't understand people who litter. Did they just have shitty parents who never told them to walk it over to a trash can?

I have had a few encounters with ill-mannered teenage girls (I'm too tiny to take on the boys) when I see them just casually and very deliberately throw their crap at their feet while standing on the sidewalk. I'm polite but insistent -- "please don't throw that on the ground, pick it up and put it in the trash can (pointing to one about 10 yards away."

And then I put on my mother's voice and say, "do you just drop your garbage at your feet in your own house?"

Sometimes they shamefully comply and other times they give me a verbal bitch slap. It's worth the chance.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

My wife tells me she does the same thing, VH M. I wish she wouldn't, especially when it's a group of girls. She's been physically threatened by them.

Regarding the tree. The sign's so fucking ugly, it's like it's inviting trash.


I'd take the sign down - it's uglier than the trash - and remove the seating all together. If the people chilling in front of your shop are that classless, let them chill elsewhere. The tree certainly won't miss them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those nails/tacks hammered into the tree to keep the sign up are harmful.

Gojira said...

I was once at a bus stop on the Bowery around 3rd Street; I was sharing it with a very hip young French couple, and the chick had a cold. She kept blowing her nose and dropping the tissues at her feet, even tho there was a trash can 10 feet away at the corner. Finally I stalked over, picked up her snot rags (I had gloves on), very ostentatiously threw them in the can, and then went back and said to her loudly, "And what do you think you would say if you saw Americans in France being pigs like you?" She said nothing in reply - the guy apologized - but at least she stopped tossing her goopy Kleenex on the ground for the moment.

Anonymous said...

So suffocating a tree in protest of litter appeals to these people? Excellent.