Monday, December 17, 2012

The parties at La Vie have moved to Horus Cafe

At the end of November, an East First Street tipster told us that the State Liquor Authority had revoked La Vie's liquor license on East First Street. (The license had apparently expired in February 2011, but La Vie had been operating under the NY State Administrative Procedures Act, aka SAPA).

As we understand it, La Vie can still apply to have its license reinstated at a future SLA hearing. There's currently a "sorry but due to an emergency La Vie will be closed" sign on the door.

Now, another tipster points us to a new sign... La Vie's owners are also involved with the Horus Cafe...

Says the tipster, who lives adjacent to La Vie: "I feel for anyone who lives by Horus."

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Gojira said...

Apropos of restaurants being involved with others, this weekend I walked by a paper sign taped into the window of the old Vampire Freaks; it said the owners of I Coppi will be opening their new Tuscan food joint I Cipressi soon, but in the meantime to go and visit their sister restaurant Matilda on 11th and C. Did not know they were related.