Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week in Grieview

[East Houston Street]

Tompkins Square Bagels turns 1, and a great idea for the adjacent space (Thursday)

Manhattan views from the Christodora in 1929 or 1931 (Tuesday)

Out and About with Angel Eyedealism, lead singer of the Fake Pussy Shadows (Wednesday)

This parking lot on East 7th Street will become a six-floor apartment building (Wednesday)

Naming part of East Sixth Street after Donald Suggs (Thursday)

Natori is still open (Thursday)

About the new lights at St. Brigid's (Tuesday)

Bleecker Bob's isn't moving to the East Village (Monday)

There is now a bar here called The Drunken Clam (Thursday)

For people who shit their pants 3x a month or more (Monday)

The Memories of Tompkins Square Park poster just... won't...die (Tuesday)

Claire Forlani's disembodied scotch ad hands (Tuesday)

Another launch date for Citi Bike share (Monday)

Fern Cliff Deli closing on Third Avenue (Monday)

More glass for 51 Astor Place (Thursday), which prompted this comment of the day:

Honest to god, even in my wildest dreams, I didn't think this structure would make me feel as bad as it does whenever I am near it. The prospect of it coming into being was always depressing, and I knew I would hate it once it was built. But I seriously didn't realize how absolutely, devastatingly oppressive, and just outright confounding it would make me feel emotionally when I am around Astor Square area.
They could build a dozen more Avalon Chrystie's on the Bowery and it would not have anything near the affect that this one building has at Astor Place. I truly feel lost when I am there. Like I'm in a weird dream.

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