Monday, August 10, 2015

331 E. Houston St. now with a teaser site and name — Jones LES

As we've been reporting, there's a 13-floor residential building with 78 units going up at East Houston and Ridge Street.

There's rental information (from Douglas Elliman) now available online here via "VIP registration." There isn't any pricing listed. Leasing starts this summer, per the site.

And the banner on the west-facing top of the building reveals the name here — Jones LES (or jones l.e.s.).

We have no idea who or what Jones (jones) is. Perhaps it will play a role in the marketing: "You will be jonesing to live on East Houston and Ridge!"

The building includes 16 affordable apartments.

The parcel here sat empty for years, the property of reclusive real-estate baron William Gottlieb.

[July 2013]

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Anonymous said...

There was a time when a good number of "jonesing" people lived circa Houston & Ridge.

Anonymous said...

Would be great if someone trolled a developer into naming a building "LES Jewels..." Not far from "Jones LES" at all!

Anonymous said...

Jones will be the building's chauffeur's name?

Makeout said...

@ Anon 7:51- Ha! Good one!