Thursday, August 20, 2015

Your dreams of living in a penthouse cottage above Kiehl's are dashed for now

Back in June we noted that those cottage-style penthouses atop the building that houses Kiehl's on the northeast corner of Third Avenue and 13th Street were on the market with an asking price of $4.4 million.

Well, the place is now in contract, Curbed reported today:

When reached for comment, Corcoran listing broker Tamir Shemesh couldn't give up what the three-bedroom pad is selling for, only that it's "going for a very good price" and that "both the seller and buyer are very happy." We'd be happy, too, if those were our new digs.

Well, maybe this cabin will return to market.

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MHS said...

This place broke my heart when you posted it months ago... Im not crazy about the location, but its definitely central, so its hard to argue that, but it just looks like a perfect apt, all that outside space for gardens etc. It would be very cool, if I had 4.4MM in my acct...

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll just close my eyes, rub myself with Kiehl's lotion, and dream of living there.

Charlie said...

Is it a walkup? Imagine how fit your legs would become! And you wouldn't need a gym membership anymore.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that when the new owner waters all those thirtsy plants on the roof that they don't spray water over the ledge and onto all us peons walking down down below like the previous owner did.