Wednesday, August 19, 2015

10-story building now in the works for 255 E. Houston St.

[EVG photo of No. 155 from 2012]

Permits are now on file for a 10-story residential complex at 255 E. Houston St. between Norfolk and Suffolk.

The new building joins the 10-story, almost-complete 179 Suffolk St. next door ... in the ever-changing East Houston Street skyline.

[EVG photo from June]

No. 255 E. Houston St. previously housed the day-care center Action For Progress. They were displaced in the spring of 2010 when construction next door at 179 Suffolk St. destabilized the building. (BoweryBoogie has more on that situation here.)

Here are more details about the new building via New York Yimby, which first reported on the filing yesterday:

Whenever the building bites the dust, it’ll be replaced by 53 apartments and community space. Those apartments will be divided across 47,020 square feet of residential space, and the average unit will clock in around 887 square feet.

The first floor will include 4,600 square feet of community facilities and indoor and outdoor recreation space. There are fewer, larger units on the higher floors, starting with eight units on the second floor and finishing with four units a piece on the eighth through tenth floors. The building will rise 112 feet into the air and encompass 51,623 square feet of interior space.

The property's owner is Samy Mahfar, who's up for multiple Landlord of the Year Awards. (See here and here and here.)

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Anonymous said...

So Sammy intentionally destabilized the building?

Gojira said...

Shit. I've always thought that was such a pretty little building, with that swell brickwork; I guess nothing that has even a modicum of eye appeal has a place in this increasingly ugly city any more...

Anonymous said...

9:44 I totally agree

Anonymous said...

When will Houston Street be officially renamed Mahfar Blvd?