Thursday, August 20, 2015

The former Le Jardin space is for rent on Avenue C

While there isn't a sign up yet, the former Le Jardin space at 115 Avenue C is now for rent.

According to the listing at Eastern Consolidated, the asking rent is $11,576 a month. However, there is also an undisclosed sum for key money for the 2,200-square-foot space between East Seventh Street and East Eighth Street. The location includes outdoor seating on the ground floor and a terrace upstairs.

The low-key French bistro lasted 10 months here, closing in June. The previous tenant, the restaurant Apartment 13, made it one year.


Anonymous said...

Intelligent people will be forced to rethink trying to set up a small business only to see it tank in a year or less... and look elsewhere to have a go at their dreams.

Surely that won't be good for neighborhoods or owners.

Anonymous said...

I really regret not coming to le jardin. I loved the menu and price points. That said, my $40-60 a week would only have been a drop in the bucket. The neighb is in a bit of a french drought. 26 seats sadly is very hit or miss quality/experience which isn't worth the gamble for the price. And casimir went from classic bistro menu to a bit more culinary advanced with PMF, which I love but I miss my half chicken and haricot verts! Heard theres a new good joint on Stanton and Bowery though.

Anonymous said...

Short term rentals grt for owner. Get to keep security deposit and hike new rent to going rate.

Anonymous said...

Le Jardin's food was lack luster and that is putting it nicely. Anyone who comes into this spot needs not only good food but a great PR team. I put a bet the next spot to close is Marcha Cocina...I have never seen that place full. The lighting isn't really inviting.