Friday, August 28, 2015

At the East Village Vintage Collective

Photos and article by EVG contributor Stacie Joy

The newly opened popup shop, East Village Vintage Collective (545 E. 12th St. between Avenues A and B), is fully operational and full of inexpensive housewares, vintage clothing, books, and gifts.

The shop is run by four people (Maegan Hayward/Red's Vintage Threads; Melanie Ön/Rad Vintage Shop; Claire Marston/Eco in Disguise; and Chaim O'Brien-Blumenthal/Shoestring Records & Books) who met on the vintage and resale market circuit in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

They found that the cost of renting out booths and carrying in/loading out was growing too burdensome, so they decided to pool resources with a rental shop. The four originally planned just to rent out the East 12th Street space for a month (opening date was Aug. 1), but have since decided to stay longer now.

I stopped by to chat with Melanie, who handles the Collective's children's stuff and 1970-80s merchandise.

"We’re all finders and seekers," says Melanie. "The shop came together really nicely."

She sees the place as a "kitschy gift shop where someone could get the perfect gift for a friend, something one of a kind." And noted that "everyone shops here: from NYU kids to neighbors to moms and dads and visitors to the city."

New merchandise is added weekly — if not daily — and guest vendors make their wares available as well.

There is a large space downstairs with room for records, books, knickknacks, dolls and toys. Some local artists also display their work on the downstairs level. Melanie likens this floor to "peeking and shopping in your friends' closets."

Every Monday the shop hosts an 1980s movie night (BYOB and snacks) at 7:30. They put down blow-up mattresses and cover them with the (for sale!) afghan blankets. This week they screened "Heathers." Next week they will screen "Three Amigos." They are also hosting a poetry night on Sept. 10.

The downstairs space is available for rentals. The store is especially keen on being a space for the community.

The store plans to evolve and add new merchants and artists and material and hopes to stay for a long time to come. For now, though, the shop will remain open through October.

They also buy vintage books, records and housewares, so feel free to book an appointment to show your stuff. You can keep up with the store on Instagram here.

Store hours:
Monday through Thursday, noon until 9 p.m.
Friday, noon until 10 p.m.
Saturday, 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.
Sunday, noon until 9 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't often go to spots like this but this makes me very happy, this is a great place for the east village and the type of spot we've been losing. I wish them lots of success!

Anonymous said...

That disco sign on the wall makes me think of this:

Anonymous said...

SUPER COOL SHOP run by very nice people. Excellent selection of useful and odd and then some with a groovy twist. This place makes me want to renew my lease! Long live Vintage Collective. Seriously, I hope this is sticky. Infinitely more fun than another overpriced boutique with a snobby air.

Anonymous said...

This is nice to see. It reminds of the days of Little Ricky's, Howdy Do and so many others. Not everything in the city has to be high end and name brand.

Anonymous said...

I hope the lovers put words into action! It would be great to see something different survive in our community. The other option can be witnessed on 13th and A. Unchain the East Village!!!

Jill W. said...

I've shopped there and was impressed with the selection and prices. I'm not surprised they're staying open longer, because they clearly put a bit of effort into the build out, and it's super cute. Good luck!