Thursday, August 27, 2015

Something new in the works for 25 Avenue B

[EVG photo from April]

After just two months at 25 Avenue B, Matty's shut down back in February. There's now a new applicant for the bar space between East Second Street and East Third Street.

According to the questionnaire (the PDF is here) on file ahead of the September CB3/SLA committee meeting, there's is a 100 percent corporate change for the business... and a name change to Avenida Cantina.

However, despite a new concept and partners, this item will not be heard in front of the committee. There isn't any other information at the moment about what to expect from the new venture.

In the past few years, 25 Avenue B was home to Idle Hands and Station B and Billy Hurricane's.

A listing for the bi-level club shows an asking price of $299,000 with a monthly rent listed as $16,882.63.

The SLA meeting is at the CB3 office, 59 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery.


Anonymous said...

Pay very close attention here. The 30 day notice checks off Live Music and DJ as music here. Nowhere in the stipulation for the License here under this entity is that permitted or allowed. How does this happen that a Notice contrary to an existing Stipulation is allowed without a hearing? Is that the new way to do a Superdive? Just buy the stock and then you can change the Method of Operation and subvert the stip by putting in Live Music and DJ on the 30 Day Notice?
We stopped the Cock here and we were given Matty's without comment as our reward and now this. At least the Cock guys were upfront.
Do Susan Stetzer and Alexandra Militano have different rules for different people?
How is it allowed that this business can be "sold" when it de facto hasn't been open since last year? Warehousing a license and availing a License to Matty's is illegal under the SLA statutes.
More specifics to follow. stop this madness.

Anonymous said...

One of the partners has a history in the EV:

“We aren’t looking at ruining the neighborhood,” Radzyminski told us.

Anonymous said...

Here is the original stip for Hurricane Billy's aka Idle Hands:

See Item #14 on Page 9

it states clearly:

"""1) it will operate as a FULL-SERVICE American Cajun restaurant and bar, serving food to within 1(one) hour of closing"
"...and have NO live music, disc jockeys, promoted events or events at which a cover fee would be charged"

Now go to the 30 Day Notice for Sept 2015 Item 31

In Question 14 - Type of Establishment - what is checked is LIVE MUSIC and DJ !!!!

This is in complete contravention to the governing Stipulation.

Why isn't an Corporate Transfer required to confirm the existing stip and in addition fill out a Questionnaire? It is the same thing as a new owner and operator and is a change in the Method of Operation

This is another Superdive in the making brought to you by the good folks of CB3

Giovanni said...

It's called Avenida Cantina? Funny but I don't see any Hispanic sounding names on that application. Sounds like a tequila bar run by a bunch of brotastic gringos. Adios Avenue B y Hola Superdive Dos!