Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Essex Street Market might look like this one day

[The current Essex Street Market via]

Not the above photo, but this

Yesterday, 6sqft got a look at a rendering for the building that will likely replace the 75-year-old Essex Street Market.

Per 6sqft:

Known simply as “Site 9″ in the Essex Crossing mega-development, the 12-story mixed-use development would contain market-rate condominiums and two levels of commercial space at its base. The design of the market-replacing building was penned by GF55 Partners who hope the brick, metal, and glass structure will “co-exist with the area’s visual clutter and loudness of the Williamsburg Bridge traffic.” In the sole image provided, a distinguished two-story base recalls the structural features of the nearby Williamsburg Bridge.

The current Essex Street Market is expected to relocate to the base of the 24-story Essex Crossing tower at the southeast corner of Essex and Delancey in roughly 2018. Or so.

[The Essex Crossing tower]

Head over to BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down for more on Essex Crossing… those sites have been covering the day-to-day developments more than any other news outlet.

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Anonymous said...

It was so much fun going there as a kid - the noise, the hubbub, the wonder of all these stalls and sellers.

Anonymous said...

One good thing: it blocks the view of the ugly blue building behind it.

Scuba Diva said...

That's why you must go and take advantage of the view before it's demolished:


Anonymous said...

Don't care. Before long this whole place is going to look like that.

Anonymous said...

Blah. Mall. Blah.

Anonymous said...

The blue building is the worst example of brutalist architecture. Putting it up was well nigh a capital offense.


Gojira said...

Why? Dear God, why can't they leave us SOMETHING?

Anonymous said...

Who remembers Shopsin's?

Anonymous said...

The ESRM is an old piece o' crap that looks like it belongs in another century, some run-down old hall where poor people buy and sell cheap stuff, stupid immigrants who don't even want to nor have to speak English, outdated kitschy "nostalgia" hang for hipsters who are a few years away from deciding that they should "own instead of rent," an eyesore that reminds us of how decrepit New York used to be before Bloomberg.

Just kidding - I loved this place when I lived on Clinton, then on Canal. I also have fond memories of coming out of the "F" station, looking up at the sign on the Essex side of the building, with the bricks occluding the first two letters of either line of the recessed signage, making it read as, "Sex Street Tail Market." And they hafta replace this historic gem with another off-the-chain high-rise. I'm glad I'm no longer around to witness the abomination. This kind of stuff makes me not even want to visit NYC anymore; I'm content with my pre-Bloomberg memories. The pre-Giuliani ones are even better.

Anonymous said...

You know how you used to be able to give directions by "landmark" - just make a left @ the tan bldg with Sex Street Tail Market. Soon enough that will be impossible - there will be nothing but indistinguishable glass towers, even Google street view won't be necessary, glass tower lined st after glass tower lined street. Dorm City.

Anonymous said...

WHY THE FUCK is it OK to make this area like midtown?????