Friday, August 7, 2015

This weekend in — and around — Tompkins Square Park

[Photo from July 27 by EVG reader Steven]

The campout — called Campout New York Post — continues as scheduled starting tonight at Tompkins Square Park … and lasting through the weekend.

The idea for the campout came about after the NYPD installed a patrol tower in Tompkins Square Park on July 21 … following the Post and the Observer's recent reports citing anecdotal evidence that there's an influx of homeless people and drug users in the park. (Police officials removed the tower on July 28.)

Things begin tonight at midnight with a buy-in at Ray's Candy Store, 113 Avenue. (Details here.)

Participants will then be camping out/sleeping on the sidewalk along East Seventh Street outside the Park.

Per the Facebook invite:

The point we want to make is that the reason for doing this is not just the tower it is because we believe the NY Post used the sad plight of homeless people to create a return to Giuliani style policing in relation to the poor and those suffering from poverty, mental illness and gentrification and we do not want that to continue.

Then on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the 27th Tompkins Square Park Riot Reunion takes place… which is NOT related to the campout… (Details here)

Sunday night at 7:30, The Living Theatre will perform "No Place to Hide" in the Park … followed by an open mic to memorialize Judith Malina, the group's founder who died in April at age 88. (Details here)

The organizers promise more events as well throughout the weekend…

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Anonymous said...

I support your cause, but please keep the noise down. I live on E 7th St across from the park, the block is almost entirely residential.

chris flash said...

Absolutely. We're not involved with the camp-out, just the Saturday-Sunday commemoration events. We'll be posting notes on the 10 buildings along 7th Street to let residents know and to offer to make adjustments if needed. We're all about respecting our neighbors....