Thursday, July 16, 2009

FiDi's Zen Palate seized and padlocked (or maybe the other way around)

On June 30, the Zen Palate on John Street in the Financial District abruptly closed, forcing downtowners to look elsewhere for greasy, overpriced vegetarian fare.

Yesterday, the empty eatery was padlocked. And the marshal's sign went up.

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Zen Palate closes up in Financial District; Hell's Kitchen location last now in NYC


Downtowny said...

Oh thank goodness! Zen Palate's food is so bland that I'm convinced that it's really a money laundering operation. I mean, seriously - who eats there?

Anonymous said...

Downtowny--I eat (ate) there, and obviously you did too at least once, otherwise we would have been spared your brilliant evaluation. Learn something about good vegetarian food before making any more stoopid comments. "Oh thank goodness!" said...

downtowny is nuts.

they closed in princeton nj too. i think the midtown one is the last one