Monday, May 17, 2010

How was your weekend Shepard Fairey mural?

Just a recap...


Saturday morning!

Paul Richard puts up a larger sign on Shepard Fairey's mural

Is the Shepard Fairey mural snatching babies now?

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Historic bombing on the Shepard Fairey mural


Ken Mac said...

i was there last night. Some kids on bikes were complaining basically that's it is their right to cover the mural with graffiti, that it's akin to the great subway graf of the 80s. Not a chance. Don't know if the mural is art or advertising, but it's kind of cool and that crap on the bottom i just crap.

Erika said...

If it's real street art, it's not meant to be permanent.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Looks like the mural had a pretty rockin' weekend.