Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'There is still community in the East Village'

East Village resident (and reporter) Lilly O'Donnell wrote an essay on last night's Bob Arihood memorial for Gothamist. An excerpt:

[T]here was a sense that one more piece of “the old neighborhood” was gone. "I hope this is not a wake for the East Village itself,” said Eddie Dunn, who has lived in the neighborhood for half a century. “He represented something that’s disappearing.”

But the crowd that gathered in front of Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A proved that there is still community in the East Village, no matter how much people like to say otherwise.

Read the whole essay here.


Melanie said...

Bob was a great reporter. He fact checked and set out to know the truth and uncover it if he could.

Roger_Paw said...

Damn straight. Bob was and will always be an inspiration. I'll do my part to carry a flicker of his torch by blogging more neighborhood sights than just red-tailed hawks and other wildlife.

glamma said...

If any man could inspire community it was Bob. I went and brought a candle, said hi to Ray and threw a $5 in the tip jar for Bob. Was totally overwhelmed by the crowd and all the emotions. Left and walked home crying through the park. Looking forward to Saturday and hope to stick around longer.
Thank you Bob for your love and light that continues to shine on, shine on, soldier... I hope we can all do you honor, in your enormous absence. RIP