Wednesday, November 16, 2011

123 Third Ave. lobby closed, but cellar is open

EV Grieve reader AC told us that the lobby at the fancy new 123 Third Avenue is closed for the time being... you need to come and go via the cellar, as the signs say...

Meanwhile, it looks as if the four priciest units are still on the market here... per Streeteasy, the four schmancy PH apartments are available...

A cellar is no way to enter a penthouse.


Anonymous said...

I mentioned this on a previous thread, but I toured one of those penthouses on the 15th floor in this building. They are smoking crack if they think that they will get $3.6 or 3.9M for those spaces.

Expect to see the prices fall by 50% or more before they sell.

Finishes were OK - but not great, space was small and not particularly imaginative. Outdoor space was nice, but no view except north across 14th st. And who would want to spend that kind of money and live in a dorm with a few hundred NYU students who don't care about their building because their parents paid for everything?

Look at the glass tower across 3rd for a similar demographic - someone labelled these condorms.

Anonymous said...

I looked at several of the penthouses recently. The bathroom sinks are so shallow it's hard to imagine washing your face without flooding the floor. And the bathtubs are SHORT. This is NOT luxury. Anyone wanting to live here decently would have to rip out & re-do the bathrooms for sure.

They will not get anywhere near ask for the "penthouses", because of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: it's still the corner of 14th and 3rd. Think about it: if you had that kind of money, wouldn't you want to live in a nicer neighborhood? If someone *gave* me one of those apartments, I'd sell it and use the money to buy something much nicer in a better nabe.

Many people who live in the area think the building is ridiculous, and question the sanity of those who are eager to hand over big $$ to live there. But if you like getting drunk nearby, the location is perfect!