Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last day for Quantum Leap on First Avenue

On Tuesday, we first reported that Quantum Leap on First Avenue was facing closure after being hit with a hefty rent increase.

Last night, the staff at the vegetarian restaurant confirmed to EV Grieve reader dwg that they were closing after today.

[Photo by Stu_Jo via Flickr]


glamma said...

so sad. huge loss to the neighoborhood and entire health community of nyc. will be sorely missed! so wrong. my heart goes out to he owners. still miss you in fresh meadows too!

KairosKim said...

Save our EVil Quantum Leap!
Is it too late for a new save-this-good-thing movement?
QL is one of the few places with healthy food, relaxed vibe, not too $$ and not over-run by - well, you know... icky screechers.
Wait-staff always sweet, wine specials for budget minded lushes and not precious but down to earth.

Anonymous said...

What about a relocation to Avenue B, like Wai Cafe?

Can someone help them out, help them find a cheaper place?