Friday, July 27, 2012

Are you missing a bird?

From a reader just now in Tompkins Square Park:

I saw a smallish, grey and blue (maybe some purple) budgie or parakeet or little parrot looking bird flying around tompkins square park at about 12:30 today. He was on the fence on the west/north side of the center lawn. When I stuck my hand out he flew away (he can fly pretty well) to the rail on the lawn just west of the center lawn. I tried to get close to him but he wouldn't let me. He was hanging with the wild birds and they weren't attacking him so maybe he'll be ok, but he must belong to someone.

Unfortunately, the reader didn't get a photo... but if you are missing a bird...


Anonymous said...

I saw a flier in the west village about a missing bird on Tuesday morning, but unfortunately I didn't take the information down. Maybe it's the same bird? If anyone else saw that flier maybe they could post that info here and/or contact the person....I'll try to walk over that way and see if I can find the flier again, as well.

Anonymous said...

"Hanging with the wild birds..." YOU WERE ALWAYS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT TO BE FREE!!!