Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bowery and East First Street in 1938, 1942

You may have seen this over at Gothamist yesterday... a feature titled "21 Photos Of The Bowery From Before You Were Born."

Anyway, here's one of the photos... the Bowery and East First Street circa 1938...

[Courtesy of the MCNY via Gothamist]

Reminded us that we posted a now-and-then of this corner back in May... Here's that post again:


Our new friends over at NYC Corners launched their site last month... Per their description:

Whenever possible, we will show side-by-side photos of a particular street corner taken years or decades apart... and that's when the real magic happens.

And here's one of particular interest: the southeast corner of East First Street and the Bowery circa 1942 and today...


Spike said...

Al's started the gentrification and suburbanation of the EV with their trendy 15 cent haircuts. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

shave and a haircut - two bits! (see first photo of al's).

interesting to see how much had changed from 1938 to 1942 - how much more run down the place looks!


Anonymous said...

Those fucking newsies on the corner.

JAZ said...

Blue & Cream is about as ugly as it gets; in every way

Joe Jusko said...

Why do I prefer the 1942 pic of 5th St.?

Anonymous said...

love the old buidlings.

there was to be away to allow development AND the adaptive re-use of old historic buildings....the Bowery is losing the whole block right near this site as we speak.

Have we learned nothing from our past mistakes?

If you add subsidized housing, suddenly the politicians are okay with the demolition.

You do not see that in the West Village.