Thursday, July 26, 2012

Demolition finally starting at formerly historic counterculture theater

After a few false starts, demolition is under way at the long-empty 185-193 Avenue B at East 12th Street. EVG reader Ron Z sent along these shots from today....

There are plans waiting approval at the DOB for a mixed-use seven-story building with 44 units. (You can read a short history of what's happening with the space here.)

The address was a movie theater for many years, first the Bijou in 1926, then the Charles. (The theater closed in 1975, and a church took over the space.) A fire broke out in the building in October 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Ed Sanders talks about the Charles Theater in his memoir 'Fug You'. They would screen films there and then hang out at Stanley's on the opposite corner. I'd give a finger off my left hand to go back in time and experience that era in the EV. The unfortunate building that is now going to be in place of this once vibrant corner should be called 'Generic Fucking Pussyville Estates' or maybe 'Douche-Town Arms'. Seriously, I can not believe these punk-ass zombies are taking over this neighborhood. GODDAM it fucking pisses me off!