Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outside 170 E. Second St.

Just a quick follow-up to our post yesterday about 170-174 E. Second St. hitting the market for $16.5 million... Allen Ginsberg lived in 170 for a few years... I realized that I didn't have a photo of the plaque that notes this... figure I'd better get it for the archives... before a new landlord buys the building, strips it of every shred of character while converting one-bedroom homes into three-bedroom rec rooms and quadrupling the rent...

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randall said...

Who's this Ginsberg character?


Here's a little poem I'm working on (with apologies to someone I'm sure):

For Jeremiah Moss

I saw the best buildings of a past generation destroyed by greed, torn down or gutted,
left standing on the old negro streets at sunset looking for a savior.
Emptyheaded hipsters yearning for some sort of authentic connection to the past stroll the streets of the night searching for an artisnal taco.

What can I say...It's a work in progress.