Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silver Man in Union Square

And there's a Silver Man sighting today... he'll be walking from NYC to Los Angeles in August to raise funds/awareness for autism.

Via EVFlip


Anonymous said...

Ok lets raise awareness for autism by frightening small children.

I'll-be-your-mirror said...

There's a short Q&A section on the site referenced by the link in the EVG article and regarding a "What's with the suit?" question he replied:

"The point of the walk is to raise money for SNACK and awareness for a friends app. The more people notice, the more attention will be drawn to these things. That’s the first reason: getting noticed!

The second reason is: this is not about me. This is about two people who started two programs (1 after school, 1 computer). The attention is for them. This suit gets noticed but that attention gets deflected back to them. I feel the mystery of who is in the suit might help bring awareness. Hopefully it doesn’t just creep people out. It hasn’t so far but if it does- i’ll ditch it."

I can't imagine it helping his campaign but he does have a thought-out reason for it, not to scare kids :-)