Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few scenes from SantaCon 2012: Scourge of the city or good time had by all?

As you may have noticed yesterday... Heh. Lordy, I have more photos. Here are just a few from the East Village. You get the idea. Oh, you get the idea. Maybe I'll add more later.

[Photos via Baha]


[At Linen Hall on Third Avenue, via EVG reader Corina]


[At Tompkins Square Bagels]

Gawker had this post yesterday afternoon: Any Santacon Participant is the Worst Person in New York Right Now

And GammaBlog has more thoughts and photos (and a video) from the East Village yesterday.


marjorie said...

a barfy santa, with his eyes rolling back in his head, barely able to move his own feet, was draped over the shoulders of another santa and a slutty elf, lurching up avenue A. he was literally green. another santa tried to steal my cab. (i've taught 6th grade, so i can give DON'T FUCK WITH ME face -- now i know it works on drunk santas as well as 11-year-olds!) two more santas actually climbed into the cab as i was getting out, nearly landing on my 8-year-old, who was still inside. later we saw a slutty elf on her knees in the street.

i'm so happy my children are jews so they aren't scarred by all this.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Good for Linen Hall & Thompkins Square Bagels. Hopefully more businesses will do that next year. I'm sure the locals--who patronize these business all year long--appreciate it. Anyone see any other places with similar signs?

The walk I took to Union Square to evacuate got bad at Avenue A and got progressively worse as I got closer to 4th Avenue. These people are horrible.

mk said...

This year was worse than last by a mile. Although, I didn't have to clean up any barf this year, and that credit goes solely to my doorman for being a good filter at the start, the pandemonium on the street was ridiculous..

abrod said...

Thank god it's raining today - looks like most of the puke and santa detritus has already washed away.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I saw lots more places refusing the santas this year. Thank God. As a result, a little bit better in some parts of the neighborhood, I thought. Also, no bars on my block serving santas at all, which really really helped.

Anonymous said...

It was ridiculous, but I was truly SURPRISED when overhearing pub crawlers being asked to leave and barred from using the restroom at the place I was at- they were actually SUPER polite.

You wouldn't think it looking at them, but albeit drunk, they weren't obnoxious.

Marty Wombacher said...

Anytime I start missing New York, I'm going to look at this post! Ho, ho, hopeless!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

It really seemed like there were a lot more people this year than before, and they were out much earlier - 10am or so. What places were open at that hour??

My favorite overheard quote of the night came from a 'sexy' Mrs Claus on St Mark's who said, "I have so many skin diseases, you don't even want to know."

Shawn said...

Lack of Halloween and mild temperatures caused this.

Anonymous said...

Is there a valid complaint everyone can log using 311 about the bars that hosted this event? Can we somehow revoke Santacon's permit (do they need a permit) with the City? No amount of blog comments or "No Drunk Santa" signs are going to stop this. That said, I didn't really see anything horrible this year, but I wasn't around the neighborhood much.

glamma said...

Love the sign at TSP bagels, haha

Anonymous said...

who among us has never waited in line to get into a bar at some point in our lives. Looking back, we'd do anything for the chance to get laid.

Anonymous said...

"who among us has never waited in line to get into a bar at some point in our lives. Looking back, we'd do anything for the chance to get laid."

I, for one. Most of us, I would say. The thought is really pathetic.

But, then again, how does a NYer take anyone seriously who waits "in line" and not "on line"? How long ya lived here, newbie?

Finally, I never had to worry about getting laid.

Gee, your comment makes a strong case that these bozos are ... well, bozos

Anonymous said...

I wrote to CB3 yesterday—Susan Stetzer responded within MINUTES. She let me know any anti-Santacon 2013 action has to begin in October with CB3 and Precinct 9. She suggested going to Prec. 9 community meetings to express anti-Santacon sentiments.
Write to CB3:
CB3 complaint:
Santacon 2012 was worse than 2011, for sure.