Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go?: The morning after Santa Claus terrorized came to town

[Spotted on St. Mark's Place]

[Spotted at Phebe's]

[Trailer-Park Santa still stands]

Our friends at EV Heave are out and about this morning. So far, there's only this. [WARNING: Do not click unless you really want to go to a site called EV Heave]


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

On 14th St yesterday, a half-in-the-bag-at-3pm santa girl in a pack of santas had a big sign on her back asking that if she were found, to please return her to a cell phone number that my wife said was from Conneticut.

LvV said...

"some still young enough to believe in you"

Aw. Thanks, sign maker, for reminding me that in the end, it's all about the little ones. PS, if Aiden's chaperone is reading and you are single, I am in apartment 4! Nothing like disasters and drinkingcons to bring out the good guys :)

Franklin said...

"Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!?!" - Mrs Lovejoy

(that's who you sound like, sign maker)