Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rawvolution has 'closed for renovations' on East 12th Street

Rawvolution, the raw vegan cafe/retail store on East 12th Street, has closed for renovations. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based store opened in August 2011 here just east of Avenue A.

Jill heard from an employee that the owners are in California ... and they are supposed to reopen Jan. 1.

Meanwhile... anyone ever try the place?



Victoria said...

I tried it. It was ok. Lots of onion in the "sandwiches".
I walk my dog along 12th and I once saw an employee sans gloves handle the trash and then immediately handle some greens that were still in the crate outside. So - I wouldn't ever go there again after seeing that. Quintessence is pretty reliable and offers pretty good raw food. It's on north side of 10th between 1st and A.

faces said...

the cauliflower couscous thing was pretty tasty, but crazy expensive at $8 for a tiny container. i did some quick math, went out and bought a food processor and some caluflower, and started making it myself.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the employee that told Jill "the owners are in California" is making an excuse. The owner, Matt Amsden, is based in California. He stops in to visit the NYC branch of Rawvolution from time to time. But he isn't there full time. He was there more in the beginning when it was just opening. I wouldn't be surprised if it is shutting down. The place is expensive when compared to other raw food joints in the East Village.

Gojira said...

Rarely saw anyone in there. The first week they opened they were giving out free samples of something, can't remember what, but to be polite I took one, even tho I am not a raw food enthusiast. I chewed for about 2 minutes before giving up and spitting it out, and wondered how long they would last.

Anyway, nothing to renovate, the interior was fairly sparse in the first place.

Anonymous said...

sadly, the nyc rawvolution location closed it's doors without any notice to their employees at the beginning of december.

furthermore, they failed to pay their entire staff their last two paychecks. it's unfortunate, as their website states, in regards to their employees: "we commit to our staff family that we will act in integrity in regards to our labor practices. we will treat each other with respect and understanding as all human beings deserve. we will endeavor to make of our daily work a meditation. we strive to create the work environment as a locus for self-empowerment, education and personal growth."

as a raw vegan, and a former employee, i let you know this for future reference, if the store does indeed open back up. the santa monica refuses to answer any and all former employee questions. as a company that prides itself on a healthy and whole lifestyle, the company itself is coming up short.