Saturday, March 7, 2020

Half Gallery debuts on 4th and B

Half Gallery is now open on the northwest corner of Avenue B and Fourth Street.

The inaugural exhibit features the work of Tanya Merrill, which will be on display through March 28.

The gallery hours: Tuesday - Friday, noon to to 6 p.m.; until 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

In mid-December, the gallery announced it was relocating from the Upper East Side to 235 E. Fourth St.

The gallery started on the Lower East Side in 2008 before heading north. Here's more via ARTnews:

Bill Powers, who founded Half Gallery, said that many of the artists the gallery has worked with “have a real connection to [the East Village] and that art scene,” adding that the move is “a little bit of a homecoming.”

With the Swiss Institute, the Brant Foundation, and other art institutions opening in the East Village recently, the neighborhood remains a hotspot for art, Powers said, adding, “We used to get a bigger crowd for openings when we were downtown because I think the gravity of the art world, spiritually, is downtown or in the outer boroughs.”

The gallery takes the space of Tapanju Turntable (and Kate's Joint until 2012!).

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Here's a look at the new Half Gallery exterior on Avenue B and 4th Street


Anonymous said...

excited about this! so much better than more fried chicken

Anonymous said...

The space looks really nice!